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Maryland Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene

Children And Youth With Special Health Care Needs

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The Preemie Store
Selection of clothing for your smaller baby, from one pounders up to small newborn sizes.

Able Apparel
A line of clothes designed specifically for the disabled and elderly.
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Adaptations by Adrian
Adaptive clothing customized for wheelchairs and/or motor deficits including wheelchair jeans, capes, and accessories. We often make custom adapted clothes for people with unique disabilities requiring special clothing.
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Adaptive Clothing Showroom
Clothing for men, women, and children in need of regular as well as adaptive clothing to meet their ease of independent or aided dressing needs. Adaptive clothing is designed for those who are bedridden, wheelchair bound, or with some limited mobility. We carry a full line of special shoes, socks and footwear for those with edema, arthritis, diabetes or sensitive skin.

Easy Access Clothing
Clothes and products that allow people to dress or care for their personal needs independently, or with assistance that doesn't involve lifting.
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Odd Shoe Exchange
A Non-Profit Shoe Exchange for Amputees or People with Odd Shoe Sizes.
Contact Info:
3200 North Delaware Street, Chandler, AZ, 85225

Glacier Tek
Provides safe, effective products designed to safely help maintain a normal core body temperature in a variety of environments.
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My Pool Pal
Children and adults with special needs can have a safe and carefree experience in the water thanks to special needs swim wear and swim diapers from My Pool Pal.

Tummy Tunnels
The iron on patch that provides access to g-tubes without damage to clothing.

My Button Buddies
Cloth pads designed to be worn around the G-tube, J-tube, GJ-tube, and PEGs.

Benik G-tube Belts
Belt provides comfortable coverage, care and protection of a gastrostomy feeding tube (G-Tube) button, while allowing convenient access
Contact Info:
11871 Silverdale Way NW , Silverdale, WA, 98383

Kids Hope Chest
Offers fun and unique gifts for the special needs child.

TUBEalicious Tushies
Offers products for the tube feeder such as; Med Port Covers, diaper covers, fleece soakers, fleece longies, fleece shorties, fleece skirties, wool soakers, wool longies, wool shorties, mama cloth, nursing pads, cloth wipes, etc.

Tig Tagz
Personalized ID wristbands for kids.

Bundie Baby
Clothing designed for babies with special needs including: Gastrostomy tubes (G-tubes) or feeding ports, ostomy bags, bile bags, central lines, apnea monitor leads, IV's, halo vest and crowns or other medical devices attached to the torso.
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Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation
Dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with the information needed for day-to-day life with a tube fed child.

Disability Information
List of information for those with or caring for someone with a disiability.

Stacool vest
StaCool Vests are designed to lower body core temperature for those affected by climates or medical conditions. Combining our ThermoPak technology with advanced textile materials, our cooling vests are not simply wearable ice packs. Our vests are engineered body cooling systems that fit your size, mobility and lifestyle needs. With a diverse product line that includes adult cooling vests, child cooling vests and industrial cooling vests, you are sure to find a StaCool vest that helps you stay cool, stay active and stay on the job.
Contact Info:
9120 Lingrove Road, Brooksville, FL, 34613

Oley Foundation
Enriches the lives of those requiring home IV & tube feeding through education, outreach, & networking
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Contact Info:
43 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY, 12208

Adaptive Clothing
Supply disabled clothing, wheelchair clothing and adaptive clothing and accessories for people with disabilities of all ages. Featuring front closure VELCRO-brand fasteners. Stylish, affordable clothing for adults and children w/disabilities.(online only)

The wallet-sized ID care contains a complete physical description of a child including fingerprint. This is a "parent option Program" offered to all parents of preschool, elementary and middle school children at no cost.
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3E Love
The company's trademarked International Symbol of Acceptance (wheelchair heart logo) is the drive behind it's social mission to provide the tools for others to embrace diversity, educate society, and empower each other to love life. What was once just a small Chicago disability pride clothing brand is now an international movement of acceptance. People with disabilities are everywhere, and thousands of t-shirts and other items later, so is the 3E Love message.
Contact Info:
320 Houston St., Batavia, IL, 60510

Special Needs Kids Information, LLC
Here at Special Needs Kids Information, LLC, it is my mission to provide parents and guardians of children with special needs in the DC, Maryland,and Virginia area with information and a comprehensive list of doctors and specialists that have been most helpful to others.
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Smart Watch
SmartWatch is an easy-to-use, non-invasive wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts connected family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive, irregular shaking motion.
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Fun and Function
Launched in 2005 by pediatric occupational therapist, Aviva Weiss and her husband, Haskel, Fun and Function LLC has been lauded for “normalizing” the experience of being different, and helping children achieve their fullest potential. Pediatric therapists and parents value the innovative products from Fun and Function that build skills and self-esteem in children on the autism spectrum, with sensory processing disorders, speech/developmental delays, and other challenges.
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Alert Me Bands
The only Emergency Contact wristband fully customizable to communicate medical, special needs and allergy alerts.
Contact Info:
3060 Pharr Court N., Atlanta, GA, 30305

We offer a plethora of products geared towards those with special needs including, speech therapy, mobility aids, seating and positioning aids, specialty car seats, walkers and wheelchairs.
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297 High Street, Dedham, MA, 02026

Tubie Whoobies
G-tube pad covers with fun shapes and designs.

Myself Belts
A one-handed patented closure not only makes it easy to keep pants up, but also teaches and encourages your child’s independence.
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Cat and Jack Adaptive Clothing
Cat & Jack’s adaptive collection is design-engineered to fit the needs of even more kids

Billy Adaptive Footwear
Smashing fashion with function, BILLY Footwear incorporates zippers that go along the side of the shoes and around the toe, allowing the upper of each shoe to open and fold over completely. Thus the wearer can place his or her foot onto the shoe footbed unobstructed. Then with a tug on the zipper-pull the shoe closes and secures overtop the user's foot. It's simple. It's easy.

Tommy Adaptive
For one in five Americans living with a disability, something as simple as getting dressed each day can be a challenge. Inspired by their experiences, our design team committed to think in new ways and uncover new solutions. Starting with iconic Tommy style as a template, we are rethinking everything from conception to production.

Nike Flyease
Fresh Nike styles with easy zipper wrap-around closures make putting on shoes a breeze. Designed for athletes of all abilities and ages, they are created with performance in mind yet work for everyone.

Angel Sense
AngelSense is a tool used by hundreds of agencies and schools across the nation to keep special needs children safe. Protect special children from bullying, find them quickly if they wander, and open doors to communication with those who are non-verbal or have limited communication.
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